Servant Leader Workshops now returning!

Servant Cultures Leadership Workshops are now back as we come out of the Covid 19 fog!  We have booked our first in person event to be held for Print Pro at Van Abel’s of Hollandtown for March of 2021.

Print Pro will be participating in our 2nd level workshop called “Connections & Trust”

This is all about building more courageous leaders.  One of the workshops focal points is ‘Choosing Courage over Comfort’

  • We do a deep dive into ‘Vulnerability’ and its’ unharnessed power in fueling connection
  • If we truly want to build stronger connections at work and in our lives, we must engage and be curious without knowing the outcome.
  • How to better deliver and receive feedback.
  • Development of the skills of empathy, active listening and curiosity.
  • We will arm your teams with tools and skills to better handle the ‘hard’ conversations at work.
  • In Identifying and meeting legitimate needs, we learn that ‘Fear of Separation’ lives within in all of us and it is the greatest fear that we all fight regardless of our position.
  • Trust building exercises.
  • Role playing – breakout sessions
  • Will serve participants both personally and professionally

We also feature a level one workshop which is more introductory in the powerful and timeless leadership principles called Servant Leadership Workshops.

These events can be held on site within your walls or at any other type of meeting facility.  We do have facility discounts available at Badger Sports Park and Van Abel’s of Hollandtown for companies located in NE Wisconsin.

Please email us at or call at 920.428.4878 to discuss more.

Thanks much!

The Servant Cultures Team

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