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I have been leading people in my own businesses for almost 30 years and in my life of over 50 years.  Many times successful some times not, but I have kept trying and learning.  I have developed a straight forward and practical approach to help people and organizations become better leaders by fueling more authentic connections.

Below is a overview of our workshop programming.  Their are 4 standard workshops as seen below.  We would recommend organizations take all workshops along with doing a recommend book read.

You can also pick and choose the workshop that you think best fits your team.  Workshops can be held at one of our venues at a discount or at a venue of your choosing.  Does require powerpoint capabilities and the meeting area must be free from distraction.

Intro to Servant Leadership Workshop (90 minutes to 3 Hours)

  • Goal:  To build awareness in your leaders and teams that "how they behave matters"!
  • Participants will reflect on their personal and professional paths.
  • Designed to give your leaders the confidence to look around corners for problems and opportunities.
  • Includes classroom time, physical team building exercises and hands on role playing
  • A deep dive into the timeless and self-evident principles that 'to lead you must first serve'
  • S.L. is all about identifying and meeting legitimate needs (Not wants)
  • Understanding the difference between "Influence & Power"
  • Very practical, straightforward and most importantly fun!
  • Serves a great primer to our 'Connections' workshop.
  • Led by Patrick Van Abel.  Owner of 10 businesses over many different industries.

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Authentic Confidence Workshop  (1/2 day program)

We have teamed up with best selling author Ben Fauske and his proven training system "Authentic Confidence".

Find Confidence & Love your work

Identify your limiting beliefs - Resolve your confidence issues and grow your career.

Led by our Associate Coach Kevin Scheffen who is certified Authentic Confidence Coach.


Connection Workshop "Curiosity not judgement"  (1/2 day program)

This half-day workshop is all about the developing skill of empathetic listening and response.  We do a deep dive into the power of empathy, vulnerability and disconnection.  Hard things happen everyday in the lives of those in our organization both from internal and external forces.  We help arm your leaders with the tools to fuel connection.

Companies that want innovative and courageous leaders that have more authentic connection with their teams.  It is your sustainable competitive advantage.

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Accountable Teams Workshop  (1/2 day program)

We frequently hear leadership say "we are going to hold people accountable!".  When accountability is seen as only a consequence, we think you are missing the boat.  This workshop is designed to arm your leaders and teams with the tools to fuel more accountability from the start and make it part of your process throughout.

We do a deep dive into the Fear of Separation from the group and how it drives from very seedy behaviors.  We also give your teams the tactics to mostly eliminate or lessen these fears and build more trust.


Gaps and Gifts (Online survey highlighting your leaders strengths and growth areas)

This piece is all about getting feedback on leadership's behaviors.  We get candid and caring feedback from people in your leaders' circle of influence.  This is done with an online and anonymous survey that captures both ratings and context which allows for people to give specific feedback.  We identify gaps and celebrate gifts and start the coaching process to help align behaviors with the vision.

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