010 ‘Flattening The Curve of Fear’

Just six weeks ago people would have laughed you out of the room if you told them the NCAA tournament would be cancelled, the NBA season was postponed, every bar and restaurant would basically be closed, no church services, no contact, no connection… you name it.  “No Way!… Not in 2020!”  Nothing surprises us as the coronavirus global pandemic has changed our lives for the foreseeable future.

Our #1 job in leadership is to remove fear and improve connection.  The virus has targeted everything we are trying to do in our organizations as leaders.  We need to fight back now.  Simply waiting it out is not an option.  Your people need an outlet to share their fears and feelings.

In Podcast #10 ‘Flattening The Curve of Fear’ we look into the type of conversations that your leaders should be having within your organization.  These are intentional conversations where we are welcoming people to open up about how they feel.

Show highlights

    • The power of intentional and sometimes tough conversations
    • As leaders we should be the ‘listeners’ NOT the ‘knowers’!
    • We are not there to ‘fix’ people
    • We can’t be too ‘busy’ or put this off for another day.
    • Lots more
    • See a sample note below from Dr. Brene Brown that we think hits the spot of truly opening connection between a leader and their teams

From “Dare to Lead”  Dr. Brene Brown –

A quick note ‘from you’ your teams will appreciate!

” These changes are coming in hard and fast, and I know there’s a lot of anxiety – I’m feeling it too, and it’s hard to work through.  It’ hard to not take it home, it’s hard to not worry and it’s easy to want to look for someone to blame.  I will share everything I can about the changes with you, as soon as I can. 

I want to spend the next forty five-minutes rumbling with you on how we’re all managing the changes.  Specifically , what does support from me look like, what questions can I try to answer…

I’m asking everyone to stay connected and lean into each other during this churn so we can rumble with what’s going on.  In the midst of all of this, we still need to produce what makes us proud. Let’s each write down one thing we need from this group in order to feel OK sharing and asking questions, and one thing that will get in the way. “


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