003 Itunes asked me how I would ‘rate’ my podcast. Here is why I chose ‘EXPLICIT’

When setting up my podcast Itunes ask me to ‘Rate’ my podcast to make sure it ends up in the right hands.  It made me think about the very explicit nature of the communication required in this two way street that is Servant Leadership.  I chose ‘EXPLICIT’ not because we will be dropping F bombs but not saying we won’t either… but rather the reason is more about the very candid conversation that is required to hold people accountable and build trust.

Key takeaways

  • # 1 Failure in Leadership is Confident Avoidance
  • Candor Unclutters – most leaders are not confident enough to challenge them and hold them accountable
  • The incredible power of Vulnerability
  •  Berry Wehmiller – A free ‘Life changing’ class on improving your leadership skills- Our Community Listens 
  • The Four Steps of Skill Development (getting an idea to habit)
    • Unconscious & Unskilled
    • Conscious & Unskilled
    • Conscious & Skilled
    • Unconscious & Skilled\
  • Two parties will try to derail you  – Your Inner villain & the Cynics
  • How a 16 year old ‘rocked my leadership boat’ when I asked what to do with the Cynics in your organizationIf you like what you hear, Please Subscribe at the following locations!
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