002 Dave Skogen 5 necessary ‘Action’ Steps To Creating a Winning Culture!

If your organization is full of people who aren’t playing with the heads and hearts in the game, you need to 1st listen to this podcast and 2nd do something about it.  Festival Foods has taken the brave steps of embracing accountability and love.  They stumbled into a book called “The Servant” by James C. Hunter.  They saw a formula that they could get their heads around.

Intentions MINUS Action = Squat

Intentions PLUS Action = Will

They got into the game with a whole bunch of baby steps with one goal of continuously improving by identifying legitimate needs.

5 Ingredients in the recipe of building a winning culture with Servant Leadership

  1. Hiring people of character vs. experience
  2. Holding People Accountable
  3. Meeting Legitimate Needs – putting people before profits.
  4. Embrace Change – Old paradigms cause us to get stuck as the world passes us by
  5. Execute – Intention MINUS Action = Squat

Other important takeaways

  • Why is ‘Friction’ so important?
  • What is their ’10 Tile Rule’
  • The Importance of ‘Morning Huddle Up’ – only a 10 minute investment that most companies refuse to make
  • Hiring people of character vs. talent.
  • The “C” player challenge – What are you doing with the ‘C’ players in your organization?  Dave’s got some very specific plans for them.

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