Rise Leadership Circle – Empowering women to own their power, value & worth!

On podcast #7 of the Servant Cultures Podcast Mother and Daughter duo Lisa Liimatta and Kaela Gedda co-founders of Rise Leadership Circle tell their story of starting an online coaching business and their passion in helping women find their tribe (community)!  Regardless of your gender they explain how people can become conscious entrepreneurs who are ready to own their power, value and worth.


  • Lisa & Kaela focus on creating a community & space where women are guided to experience deep transformation & also are provided with resources to create six figure+ businesses & the lives that come with it
  • Learn of their battles with perfectionism.  We all battle it.
  • The power of going from ‘I am not ______ enough’ to ‘I am Enough!’
  • Learn about the fundamentals of ‘Self Care’ and why everyone has a seat on the bus.
  • They share in-depth the paradigms that women need to break out of to help them reach their goals.
  • Learn about the Abundance Acceleration Course – available @ www.riseleadershipcircle.com
  • Join their free facebook group  ‘The Prosperous Entrepreneur Power Pack’  for tons of free direction and support
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